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What They Say

Hear from some of our partners and speakers on how we did in 2022

"Its been wonderful to be here and meet some very senior people within banks and financial institutions"

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"I’m really impressed with the calibre of both speakers and attendees that are here"


"It’s very very busy...It’s good to be back in's a very good organisation"

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"It’s been great to see people in person again, it’s a different experience... easy location to get to, well organised."

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"It’s a great event and I’m really glad to be here. Being on stage was great, good conversations to be had and good challenges to discuss."

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"Job really well done so far, we’re enjoying it, it’s very nice. It’s a great conglomerate of banking, tech and service providers. So, we’ll definitely come back."

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"Really enjoyed coming here so far... It made the experience coming here as a speaker very stress-free."

Allica Bank

"I think it’s been the panel of the day, a good discussion and actually really nice to see a majority of female panellists."


"Actually meeting and doing stuff with them face to face and talking to customers about the opportunities is great"

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"I loved it, it was an absolutely brilliant experience. I never thought that there were so many people."

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"I’m sure there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make it as seamless as possible but clearly that work has paid off."


"The organisers have been really good at putting us in front of people and enabling us to link in to the kind of people we want to talk to."


"Happy with the way it was organised, attendance and the quality of the sessions."


"This has been superbly organised and it’s got us back together."


"It’s wonderful to have an in-person event again... Had lots of interesting conversations and met interesting people."

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"The organisation was great, the audience and the people that arrived at the summit were great."